Sumi Patel


Sumi is Vice President of ORION EMS. Sumi was born in India, and moved to the United States when she was eleven. She grew up in Dallas, graduating from Southern Methodist University with a dual degree in Finance and Marketing. 

Sumi’s responsibilities at ORION EMS include managing, integrating, and directing the workflow processes between all aspects of the company. She has the innate ability to seamlessly shift gears quickly between communications, information technology, sales and marketing, compliance, and operations.

She joined ORION EMS in 2009 moving from Austin, where she was in the banking sector as a financial wealth analyst and advisor for four years. Sumi drives a high standard of customer service for ORION's customers and ensures the staff is going extra lengths for customer satisfaction through her commitment to around-the-clock care and client interaction. Sumi has helped foster a culture of availability, accountability, and accuracy within ORION EMS.

During her leisure, Sumi and her husband enjoy cycling, scuba diving, exploring the Houston art scene, and binge-watching television shows together. Through a love for helping, Sumi and her husband volunteer for the homeless in their community by donating essential items and their time.