Gerard O’Brien


Gerard is President/CEO & Founder of ORION EMS. Gerard was born in Boston, and moved to Houston when he was nine. He graduated from the University of Houston–Downtown with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Commerce, majoring in Real Estate, with a minor in Business Administration.

Early in his career Gerard was a commercial real estate appraiser with the MAI designation, working in both the private and banking sectors. After ten years in the appraisal industry, he moved to the utility management industry selling sub-metering systems in the multi-family market.

Gerard’s entrepreneurial ventures started in 2000 when he joined a start-up in the automobile leasing business, eventually starting a competing business in 2006. The opportunity to enter the healthcare industry came in the form of a suggested new business in the ambulance sector. ORION EMS was formed in November 2007 and has grown to be a formidable player throughout the Greater Houston area.

Gerard currently sits on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Texas Ambulance Association. He is an active member that takes great pride in advancing the standards of the EMS Industry, working closely in the legislative process. He also sits on the EMS Advisory Council of Houston Community College.